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Bridging Tech and Finance
Our knowledge is built through decades of working alongside traders, portfolio managers, operations teams, and software developers. When you work with Velocity, our collective knowledge is at your fingertips.
Network of Excellence
Tap into our vast network of dedicated specialists, each bringing firsthand experience and unparalleled expertise to your financial projects.
Efficiency by Design
Our process starts by understanding the minutiae of each workflow, so we can give tailored recommendations each step of the way.
Your Success, Our Commitment
At VIS, we commit to building an enduring partnership focused on long-term success and innovation at every step of an engagement.

Practical Approach to Software and Integration

Revolutionizing Integration

At VIS, we redefine software integration with our modern approach, blending advanced, real-time solutions with simplicity and effectiveness. We understand the unique dynamics of your business, ensuring our solutions are innovative and seamlessly integrated with your OMS/EMS systems.

Simplifying Complexity

At VIS, we transform complex challenges into simple, effective solutions. Our modern approach to software and integration is designed to work in real-time, providing streamlined workflows that enhance your business’s strengths. We focus on building long-term, scalable solutions that don’t need retrofitting for future changes.

Tailored, Future-Proofed Solutions

Discover VIS’s modern approach to software and integration, where each solution is carefully crafted to fit your business’s unique needs. We blend deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to provide solutions that are not just advanced but also user-friendly and sustainable, minimizing the need for frequent OMS/EMS upgrades.

Our Latest Projects

Custom Applications to meet our clients needs

Portfolio Construction Replacements

Working with a major asset manager overseeing over $1 trillion, we modernized their portfolio management suite by introducing efficient order generation tailored to key metrics like duration and industry, clarified holdings visibility, and drastically cut down manual processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

ETF Management

We partnered with an institutional asset manager to launch their inaugural ETF fund, implementing a sleeve-based portfolio management structure. Our expertise streamlined the ETF share redemption process with Authorized Participants, enhancing operational clarity and efficiency.

Automated Testing Suite

We revolutionized unit testing by creating a custom, automated testing suite that streamlines the entire end-to-end testing lifecycle. Our approach has enabled our clients to overhaul their data management processes, simulate the activities of trading teams, and incorporate testing earlier in their projects. This proactive methodology greatly reduces the time and resources needed to resolve data discrepancies.
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Velocity partners with Genesis

“Velocity looks forward to working with Genesis to streamline delivery of enterprise-level applications,” said Kashif Ali, Partner at Velocity Investment Solutions. “This partnership will help